We Are Robin

I have recently discovered the comic We Are… Robin.  It takes place in Gotham City after a Joker terrorist attack. In the wake of the attack, the youth of Gotham form a crime fighting street gang called the Robins.  We Are … Robin is a fascinating book that explores the nature and morality of social movements and vigilantism.
In the book, the mysterious guide of the Robin movement is known only as The Nest.  Although the reader doesn’t know exactly who The Nest is until much later, they are privy to his thoughts and feelings as the book goes on.  The Nest worries that movements are volatile and can easily be turned from their original intent.  He sees that the Robins all have their own backgrounds and experiences that inform their actions.  When one of the Robins departs philosophically from the rest of the flock, The Nest has to rethink his tactics to keep balance. The Nest keeps a very close watch on the Robins in order to guide them by providing resources and training.

Many libertarians understand this worry as well.  In a world where both Glenn Beck and Bill Maher claim to be libertarian, the message can get muddled and people get confused.  Whenever someone espouses libertarian views on social media while spewing hate or ridiculous conspiracy theories, people associate those things with classical liberal ideas.  The libertarian movement is a movement of ideas, and the way to right the ship is through informed and civil dialogue.

Students for Liberty is an excellent resource for students who want to learn more about libertarian thought or who want to become activists on their own campus.  They are a growing network of pro-liberty students from all over the world.  They have a strategy of empowering student leaders and training them to be agents of change for good on their campus and in their community.

For more information on Students For Liberty http://studentsforliberty.org/programs/